G850, i3-2100, G2120, i3-3220 --- Where is the sweet spot?

I'm going to place an order for one of these processors, hopefully today, but I was hoping for some tech info on them first.

This will be going into my new build, along with a Z77A-G45 mobo, MSI GTX 660 and 8gb DDR3 1600 RAM. The idea was to get a decent Z77 mobo and a cheaper CPU to get up and running, then swap in a 3570k when budget allows. That could potentially be a year from now. I'm also adding an SSD for the OS, which will be Windows 8.

I use the build I currently have for web browsing, moderately intense photo-editing, and some gaming (recently World of Tanks and Deus Ex - would like to start playing BF3). No video work, no encoding, etc. I've been using a Q6600-based machine, clocked to just over 3.0 GHz, to this point.

Anyways, I'd probably be content with the speed of any of the above processors. What I'm looking for is info on the techy nuances between them. Would HyperThreading be beneficial for my usage? Any reason I would need an IB chip vs SB? Do any of the listed processors play nicer with an SSD than the others? Any difference in max usable RAM speed with these processors (1333/1600/etc)? You know, all the little stuff that might make me wish I had spent another $15 down the road.

Basically, for my use, where is the point where further spending would be unnecessary? I realize a quad core would be nice, but it's not in the budget yet.

Thanks in advance!
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  1. Also, here's the pricing I've found. No MicroCenter nearby.

    G850 - SB - $70
    G2120 - IB - $100
    i3-2100 - SB - $105
    i3-3220 - IB - $125
  2. Get the 2100.
  3. Other than the 200 mHz clock, the IB advantage in clock-for-clock speed, and efficiency, what else does SB give up in comparison to IB?
  4. Well, IB is more efficient and a bit faster, but you get better integrated graphics. Not worth the extra $20.
  5. hi i actually own this computer and built it for my wife and son.
    its all new this last week
    g2120 ivy bridge.
    gtx650 superclocked evga
    asrock b75 micro atx mb
    8gb ripjaws 1600mhz
    1tb wd black.
    ok every older game they play like simpsons and all lego games maxed out with everything overridden in nvidia profiles get 100 to 300fps. no joke. so my son wanted to buy bf3 and i did not think it would even run, but i had to create a separate profile in nvidia for bf3 and turn all settings to performance and in the game i tried all resolutions and the best way it ran was all settings on low with 2x aa and 2xaf. changing the resolution to 1024x768 to 1600x1080 made no fps improvement. so i took it to the max resolution. in bf3 i get 40 to 85fps every time using fraps. it never goes under 40 and is normally at 65fps. i have owned the 3450s in my computer and it was really awsome. i upgraded to the 3770 and its sooo awsome. i have the 3770 gtx660ti galaxy 3gb msi b75 microatx and i have everything on ultra at 1600x1080 and i get 65 to 95fps.
    in my wifes computer the crappyest thing is the hard drive. its the single most important thing i can tell you not to even have in your computer. i have a 3gbs 256gb ssd and it is soooo freeking fast loading programs and everything!! youll notice it more than any other component. when you compare computers side by side, youll think the one with the hdd is having problems.
    i hope this helps you. ps the g2120 does not support pci3.0 and ssd caching. (i am doing the same thing you are) but im really not regretting buying the gtx650.
    ps when i went from the 3450s to the 3770 all my fps went up by 75fps solid in every game with everything exactly the same.
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