Windows Experience Index and CPU Cores!

Hey guys,

I had a doubt about how the Windows Experience Index assessment of processors worked. Like, does it make a difference in the rating if the processor has more cores but the same speed. Say, I have a hex core processor A with 3.8GHz and an 8 core processor with 3.8Ghz. Will there be a difference in the scores for both or will they be the same because they have the same speed?
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  1. Probably the octo-core will get a higher score, but WEI is wonky. Even a 3960X can't get a 7.9. It's a very poor way to judge two CPU's.
  2. Thanks for the quick reply obsama1 :). Yeh it can't be used for judging the performance. But I was confused abt the number of cores making a difference in the score.
    I'd appreciate it if someone could offer a bit more detailed explanation on no. of cores and speeds and its influence on WEI ;)
  3. WEI is a troll tool made by microsoft.

    It will make you try to get a CPU that reaches the 7.9 score and after you spent all your money on CPUs it still won't reach 7.9 and then you start crying in defeat and microsoft will laugh at you....

    Well that might happen.

    Stuff about it-

    It was designed to find recommended uses and software for certain configs.

    And the 8 core will probably get the higher score do to there being more cores.

    EDIT- I think it gives the CPU calculations and sees how fast it can process them, i think.
  4. jay_nar2012 said:
    WEI is a troll tool made by microsoft.

    Excellent description lol! The WEI takes calculations on a best-case scenario which rarely applies to real-world use. It is well-known that the CPU index score is the most controversial number in that test as it varies so greatly and achieving 7.9 is very difficult unless you have the best of the best. Like the FX8150 will score high because of its clock speed and "8 cores" that Windows sees. But then a stock 3570 could score close to it because it only has "4 cores" - yet we all know how this works out in real life use. The word I'm looking for is "potential" - and Microsoft places high ratings on this word alone.
  5. FX-8150 at 4.5ghz get a 7.9 score in win 7, so I guess it does rate cores, even the amount or ram effects the CPU score, its kinda dumb.
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