Computer won't boot! First build, please help!


Last night, I booted up my computer for the first time after carefully following Newegg's tutorial on Youtube. Everything seemed to work fine. The computer booted up, I heard a single beep, the BIOS flashed across my monitor. I went to bed confident that I would be able to install Windows in the morning.

However, the next morning I realized that I had forgotten to plug the pci-e cables into the GPU, so I did that before booting it up again. When I turned it on, everything seemed fine, except that the monitor wouldn't recognize the HDMI signal. I unplugged the HDMI cable from my mobo and plugged it into the newly-connected graphics card, assuming that was the problem. However, I still couldn't get my monitor to recognize the signal.

Because the monitor worked fine the night before, I decided to revert back to that state so I could at least get Windows installed and fiddle with the graphics card in the BIOS at a later date. However, when I unplugged the pci-e cables, the computer wouldn't turn on at all. The motherboard light turned on when I turned on the power supply, but pressing the power button had no effect whatsoever. The led lights on my mouse lit up when I turned on the power supply, but nothing changed at all when I pressed the on button. Any ideas?

Here is a relatively thorough list of all the changes I made:

1. booted up computer successfully with no pci-e cables in the gpu and an hdmi cable in the motherboard.

2. turned off computer, power supply, and unplugged the computer.

3. inserted pci-e cables in the graphics card.

4. booted the computer and everything seemed to work, except the monitor had no hdmi input.

5. Turned off/unplugged/etc.

6. Removed hdmi cable from mobo and inserted it in graphics card

7. Booted computer but the monitor still had no hdmi signal.

8. Turned off/unplugged/etc.

9. unplugged pci-e cables from gpu

10. re-inserted hdmi cable in mother board

11. Plugged in computer, turned on power supply, and hit the power switch. Mobo light turned on and mouse led turned on when I turned on the power supply, but the on switch had no effect.

Additionally, I removed and attached the side panels on my case several times during this process. I'm not sure how that could matter, but I want to include as much info as possible. I also unplugged two of the fans on the side panel in order to remove it from my case.

Also, this morning I unplugged my hard drive but left my ssd plugged in, per the instructions in the Newegg tutorial I had been using.

Here are my components:
Case: NZXT Phantom
Power Supply: Corsair Enthusiast Series TX750
Hard Drive: Western Digital Caviar Blue 1tb
SSD: Crucial 128gb
Optical Drive: ASUS DRW 24B1ST
Motherboard: Asus Sabertooth z77
CPU: Intel i5 3570k
GPU: EVGA gtx 570 2.5 gb
RAM: Corsair Vengeance Blue 16 gb (4x 4gb sticks)
CPU heatsink/fan: stock intel heatsink/fan

Thank you SO MUCH for your time! I really hope I haven't ruined this build, I saved up for it forever.
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  1. Try reseating your video card, it's possible you dislodged it slightly when plugging the PCIe power cables in.
  2. Try to use the monitor with a DVI cable untill you get your MOBO driver in

    A read me about noot problems
  3. That worked! I can't thank you enough, I was really freaking out haha.
  4. Glad to be of help. It's nice when the solution is easy, isn't it?
  5. Thanks for the reply, Niklas! I will certainly try with the DVI cable that came with my monitor. Just to be clear, are you recommending that I use the DVI cable in my mobo?
  6. I think he misunderstood your problem and thought it was Windows not recognizing the GPU. You're fine to use the HDMI cable.
  7. It's so nice when the solution is easy! Of course, there is some irrational part of me that would feel better if the solution was more complicated haha. Still, I am very new to this and it's probably not best for me to try fixes unless I'm carefully following someone's instructions.
  8. Ah, ok. Thanks again! This site is the best, I've gotta come back here once I've learned some more to repay the favor.
  9. *I meant best for me NOT to try fixes haha
  10. I just put this mother board together and it wont power up at all. :( I not sure if I have all the plugs plug in correctly or if its another problem. Please help!
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