Difference between pc3-10600 and pc3-12800

I purchased a laptop with 6GB ram. It turns out the I have a 4GB pc3-12800 and a 2GB pc3-10600 ram boards in it. Will this cause issues? Or are they compatible?

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  1. They are compatible but...

    The 12800 refers to a data rate of 1600MT/s while the 10600 is 1333MT/s so the faster 4GB module will be underclocked to run at the slower 1333 rate for uniformity which should not cause any issues, as long as the timings also match, especially with performance since 1333MT/s DDR3 is plenty fast for average everyday computer usage.

    If your laptop is running and you can see the complete 6GB within the OS, then you should be fine BUT if ever you are buying RAM try to always match the models for best results.
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