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So I am trying to help my brother with setting up his three monitors on his 5870. We have two DVI's and one DisplayPort -> DVI and thats the current setup.
Yet for some reason, windows will not allow all 3 to work at one. If I want monitor 1 and monitor 2 thats fine but it wont allow monitor 3 to be added and if I want it to be added I need to disable one of the other two (monitors 1 or 2).

I have a feeling it might be the display port but I am not really sure how to check this. I also went into CCC and when I want to make a group for EF, it only allows me to do a 2 monitor setup.

If you could help me with this I would be very grateful!

Thanks again,
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  1. What graphics card are you using? If it's a single card then it may be one that can only manage two monitors but gives you a choice of connections, ie. either (DVI + DVI) or (DVI + DP) but not (DVI + DVI + DP).
  2. Doh! Forget that, I overlooked see the mention of 5870! ;o)
  3. Is the DP to DVI an active adapter?
  4. Thats my problem! I have no idea how to check... I sorta got one from school I think lol
    i know it works great to have a dual monitor setup but it seems like something is problematic when I try 3 :(
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    If your system will work with just the DVI and the DPtoDVI adapter - its likely you have a passive adapter.
    An active adapter is like $30-35 - something like this:

    hope it helps...
  6. Yeah it does thank you!

    I found a little number on the adapter and it seems like this is the adapter I have

    I think its passive... but what does that mean?
  7. As far as ive seen passive adapters don't do some kind of encoding or conversion to the signal - where as the active adapters do. So looks like you just need to find an active adapter like i linked earlier and should be good to go.
  8. Sounds good thank you very much!
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