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So today my pc randomly started shutting down completely. So in order to restart it i have to press the on button on the pc again. It has happened 3 times today.

the first time it happened it restarted then it sorta froze when the bios when that black stuff comes up (the initialising stuff, showing all the hard drives in a black screen with white text).

My pc:
-MSI 870-G54 MOBO
-500GB WD EXT HDD 7200 RPM
-HP W1907S 19\\\" 16:10 1440X900 MONITOR VGA

I recently installed a new heatsink which was the arctic freezer pro 7 rev 2. Since amd boards are built differently the air is being blown into the PSU. There is no way i can make it so that it blows air into the back fan.

The new heat sink also doesnt cover all of the cpu, which i think is normal, it covers the middle and there is a little bit left on the margin of the cpu that isnt fully covered.

Here is an image from CPUID if it helps in any way.

Another thing i should mention is that with the new heat sink the ram is a little bit bent to the side because it was in the way of the heatsinks fan attachment.

Any ideas on what is wrong, or what i should do.

Very much appreciated thank you!

EDIT: It shuts down when browsing. Im not doing anything intensive.
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  1. could it be a short with your ram of you heatsink, try taking that one out
  2. inless you psu is on its way out
  3. Hmm i could but i really dont want to move the ram. It is so hard to put the cpu heatsink on because its so damn fiddely! I hate it...

    What do you mean by your second comment?
  4. It happened again. But this time it was different.

    This time it restarted. Went completely black, fans were still running and the computer just started up again...

    Any ideas on what to do? Please help!
  5. take the ram stick out that is nearest the heatsink, its easy to remove ram, pop the 2 clips and boot pc first, let me know what it does
  6. you should never bend your ram stick, take it out
  7. or turn pc on tap f8 and select restore mode, try restore it to an earlier point when u know it was working.
  8. pkhamidar2com said:
    Hmm i could but i really dont want to move the ram. It is so hard to put the cpu heatsink on because its so damn fiddely! I hate it...

    What do you mean by your second comment?

    take heatsink off, remove ram, install ram again, then install your heatsink
  9. you wont ruin your ram clip it out, when inserting it bk in push the 2 clips to the outside and seat your ram bk in push both sides at the same time firmly youl hear it clipn in, with regards to the f8, turn pc on tappn f8 a menu will come up select directory restore mode, it will come upo with restore points with dates, select a date to when it was last workn
  10. let me know how you get on? i will assume your psu is failing
  11. Yeah i know how to replace ram but thanks anyway. The problem is this.

    The Heatsink is just alot of trouble to get out. I have some thermal paste (akasa stuff) and when i replaced the thermal paste for the stock cooler, and then later went ahead to replace that heatsink for the arctic freezer, it was stuck completely to the cpu. Was very hard to get it off!

    I could do this, but it takes a while, and im busy nearly every day :(

    But i will try this, hopefully it works. If not it is the psu and i will just have to send it back (i still have warranty which is good).
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