Is a Compaq Presario 1200 ubl pro have wireless internet

We have a compac presario 1200, trying to figure out how to get internet on this thing. My cable wire doesn't fit into any of the ports. Does it have wireless capabilities or do I need some sort of converter?
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  1. ok, what kind of cable wire are you talking about?

    Is it a round cable with a pin in it? (That's Coax)

    Or does it have a square/rectangular plastic end, with a bit of copper teeth at the end? (that's ethernet)

    or something else?

    Also, I can't find any UBL Pro models for the Compaq Presario, are you sure that is what it is? It it's more like JBL pro, that's probably your speakers, not your model. Try looking on the bottom instead.

    I can't find any mention of Ethernet ports of them, and it's possible they did not, so if that's the case, you would need something to convert to another option like USB or PCMCIA.
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