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  1. this will be assembled tonight
  2. Hi Powerkiteman1,

    In my personal opionion some of the parts in your system are good, and some are not parts I would have chosen.

    With what looks to be a $1600~ budget I think you could have gotten quite a bit more gaming performance/dollar had you gone with the a different graphics card.

    EVGA 670


    EVGA 480

    Both choices are excellent depending on if you wanted to save some money or spend a bit extra.

    As for the i7 Sandy Bridge... good choice I think you will be happy with the video editing capabilities of hyperthreading.

    Next time you might consider posting your build BEFORE buying everything so you can get the excellent feedback this community has to offer :)

    Happy building,

  3. Oh and also one thing I noticed is that power supply is overkill even if you're planning on crossfiring 2 6950's (which I don't recommend due to the mass amount of problems being seen with crossfire).

    You will see much more stability in most applications with a single card (IE. one of the two I have listed above)

    A 600W power supply would suffice for one graphics card.

    850 W for crossfire/SLI.
  4. well, the reason i went with the 6950 was it was on sale for $200 which i felt was a steal, but all in all i feel like this is going to be a great build
  5. and thank you, the psu was chosen at the last second by my cousin, so i went ahead and went with it, he is an it guy, idk why he chose it but its too late! haha, thanks though
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