Need video tutorials on 'how to assemble a PC'

sorry i dint know in which section to open this thread.

I have never build a PC before. I'm getting a PC next month, but i dont know to assemble.

So please can you find me good links to video tutorials which will show me in detail how to assemble a pc. i dont even know the basics, what to place first, and what to do after all the components are placed. what all tests / procedures i should follow b4 installing OS. what settings i should change in BIOS etc.

Are the videos on newegg good? if they are the best i will watch them and learn. i am a noob so i need to learn fully.

:bounce: ty ty
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  1. I absolutely love the newegg "how to build a computer". Part 1,2,3. Very understandable and covers everything. If you do have any uncertanties,just ask:)
    Links below. Cheers! part 1 part 2 part 3
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    Just start watching videos from both Newegg and YouTube. Watch them, then re-watch them, then watch them again. Same goes for the manuals you get. Read them, re-read them, and then read them once more. There is no one way to assemble a PC and which component goes in first is going to be highly dependent on what components you have in relation to your case.

    Just take your time and if you have any questions or doubts when it comes time to build... watch some videos and read the manuals.

    -Wolf sends
  3. okay. thanks :)
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