Reseating a 4 pin power connector on video card


I managed to pop the plastic "feet" on the molex connector on a new AGP card out of their holes as I was attempting to connect the 4pin power cable. Any tips on how to get them back in the holes would be greatly appreciated. The pins appear to be okay (though they must be bent slightly) but the connector is now at a 30 degree angle and the back feet (pegs) are now about 3 mm from their holes and the front feet (w/clips) are 5 mm above the board.

Is there any way to reset the connector and save the card? I feel like an idiot as this is my father in law's old computer and i suggested the upgrade and the specific card so he could turn it into an HTPC.

Thanks for your help.
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  1. pictures please
  2. Nope your link failed don't use the url box just link strait to the thread.
  3. You could try to push the connector's feet back into their holes. I'd just leave it though. You risk snapping the pins off the card, then you've got to break out the soldering iron to fix that. I don't see any reason you can't just leave it as is. Just be careful not to bend it very much.
  4. Wait, hold on guys, do you understand what hes saying?, he tryed connecting a 4pin Motherboard power to a video card. Sir your only supposed to connect PCI express power cables into a PCI express card/video card. if you could get that image link to work. it would be very helpful to us
  5. The card is AGP and the connector is a 4 pin molex.

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    If you are really OCD about it being fixed you could just bend it in place and if it breaks use a soldering gun. It should still work though.
  7. Thanks whooleo

    I will attempt to use the card as it is and only worry about reseating the connector if it
    does not function.

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