Hyper 212 evo, hyper 212 plus & LGA2011

hey guys,

i know that hyper 212 evo can run with the LGA2011, but can the plus version?

do you need to buy some converter to make the evo fit an LGA2011 cpu?

hope you can help.
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  1. That kinda made no sense but you need this - http://www.coolermaster-usa.com/product.php?product_id=3064

    It applys for both evo and plus - http://coolermaster-usa.com/landing/lga2011/
  2. Personally if I was investing in an LGA 2011 setup I would use a better cooler than that. Those are 130w TDP chips and the HYper 212 series coolers while decent and OK for the 95w Sandy Bridge chips are probably not enough for a Sandy Bidge-E setup.
  3. The 212+ and evo works fine and dandy for many people who had/has first generation core i7s like my 920. They are more than enough for 130w chips even when overclocked. There's a reason why the hyper 212 plus was so popular when it was released in 2009 and why it and the evo is still so recommended around these parts.
  4. Do you have an alternative for some better air cooling than the Hyper 212's?

    I've heard that the Zalman's CNPS12X is quite decent.

    Will these coolers fit on an ASRock Extreme4 X77 motherboard? I don't see any holes for the backplate on it.
  5. The Noctua DH 14 is a good heatsink, massive but good.

    There is this aswell- http://www.amazon.co.uk/Arctic-Cooling-Freezer-Xtreme-Cooler/dp/B001X017G2/ref=sr_1_38?s=computers&ie=UTF8&qid=1349561850&sr=1-38

    There are white things, i think they are mountings for the stock heatsink, around the socket in a x pattern.
  6. Here are some reviews.




    The Noctua DH 14 and the Phanteks are both very good with it really depending on who is doing the benchmarking as to the better one. One or the other top most charts of air coolers and the Corsair H100 equals or slightly exceeds them in most tests.

    There is nothing wrong with the Hyper 212 series at all. I recommend them all the time. I would go with a higher end cooler with a higher end system though. By choosing LGA 2011 it's obvious your not on a budget so much as looking for the highest performance.
  7. So how do I mount these to my ASRock Extreme4?

    Normally I would put the screw with mounting through the motherboard, and fasten the backplate to the motherboard with a nut on the backside, but as I said there is no hole.

    Are these 'stock mountings' to be unscrewed, or don't I need the backplate? By the looks of it these mountings you mentioned are fastened permanently, I could be wrong though.

    It's a little confusing.
  8. There is no backplate for LGA 2011 like with the older sockets. It's built into the socket.
  9. Personally I would go with an H80 or H100 just so you have access to your RAM slots without removing the cooler. I don't usually recommend them due to the price but with the RAM slot layout of the LGA 2011 boards they make sense. They are excellent coolers as well.
  10. I decided to go with the H100, the installation I'll look at later ;) I don't think I'll need anything extra for that :)

    Thanks guys.
  11. It's one of the best coolers you can buy. Like I said, even though it's kind of expensive it makes sense with the RAM layout of LGA 2011. It should also allow for some great overclocking.

    Glad we could help!
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    A moderator should probably look at that, I know that they've fixed it for an another section of the forum once.
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