1200.00 computer build for 3ds max

I realize there are a lot of builds on here and i have been browsing through many of them but im still confused as to what would be best for me. Im looking to build a computer for 1200.00 that would not include the monitor,keyboard, or mouse or OS or case.. I have 2, 1tb plug-in hard-drives and not concerned about storage as i will be primarily using this computer for 3ds max and zbrush. This makes me think and SSD? The i7-2600 seems promising but i cannot afford dual processors or anything like that and to my understanding, the more cores, and ram, and multi-threading campability the better?
I need a few major components. Mother board, CPU, Graphics Card, RAM, and hardrive. as well as cooling for that?
My biggest concerns are I preview alot, in after effects and build large scenes in 3ds max. Is 32 gb of 1333 ram the same as 16 gb of 1600 ram? Im not tech savy when it comes down to the speeds and specifications and compataibility of all these parts in order to build the system i need.
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  1. On second thought i am also worried about the case. I am not sure the case i have now would be suitable as it is a 4 year old duo core computer. Adding a case to the scenario i would want it to just be the cheapest option, no care for looks. performance is all that matters. Thanks so much to anybody that ccan help me
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