Computer is very slow after installing graphics card

my computer is very slow when I install nvidia geforce gtx 550 ti graphic card.. When I change back to onboard card everything is ok..and when I try to install again it's the same problem.. I tried reinstalling my windows, updating graphic drivers and scanning for viruses but it didn't help..

I have psu 550w, AMD Athlon(tm) 64 processor 3200+ 2 GHz and 3 GB ram
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  1. are you sure that your motherboard supports pci express 2.0?
  2. is it a oem motherboard?

    any way im just saying do you have the power cables hooked up correctly and dose the computer detect the video card?
  3. yes i have the cables hooked up correctly.. it is pci express 1.0 i read on the web that 1.0 supports 2.0 cards
  4. The PCIe version of the slot does not matter since it is backwards compatible but the CPU is a drastic bottleneck for the GPU!
    What is the make and model of the PSU?
  5. Antec model bp550 plus
  6. a12345 said:
    Antec model bp550 plus

    That should be plenty! What card did you have before?
  7. onboard card ati radeon express 200 series
  8. Is it a dual core? If its a single core processor its drastically holding back your system
  9. it is single core
  10. All ATI/AMD graphics drivers removed properly? Useful tool for that
  11. I have the ati graphics driver disabled
  12. Apart from CPU being slow then the other thing it can be is driver conflict unless you totally remove the ATI driver then you will not know!
    On second thought though (have to ask this question) do you have the monitor hooked up to the GTX550Ti?
  13. Yes I do
  14. both AMD and Nvidia install HDMI sound drivers. Perhaps you have a conflicting driver issue related to such? uninstall/disable all the HDMI sound related stuff.
  15. first thing, reinstall the nvidia drivers by checking the clean install box under the box that describes the components that will be installed (install every thing). if that doesn't speed up this system then...

    remove all graphics drivers from add/remove programs. ( nvidia / amd )
    (not really needed because win7 doesn't really mess up when you change graphics cards, but you want all the driver parts to be the same version, so removing all gpu drivers is the easy way yo do it)
    then run driver sweeper from safe mode.
    then install the latest graphics driver for your system, using the clean install option.
  16. also you coud try to change the BIOS settings to boot from the PCI E card first. instead of the onboard graphics, setting it to auto should work.
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