Gtx 560ti vs. Gtx 480

I was wondering which one would be a better card for my gaming computer build.

This is the 480 that i am thinking of getting

and this is the 560ti I was going to get

Which one would be better for running the most demanding games? (Battlefield 3, Metro 2033, SC2, ect ect.)


PS. I will be getting an i5 2500k, thought i would add that if you needed that.
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  1. By bad I meant the 480 to get not the 560ti I thought it was a 460 not a 480. get the 480.
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    The 480 GTX is a slightly slower 570 GTX, about on par with a 560 448. The 480 also has 1.5gb of ram to 560s 1gb, so form a performance stand poit, the 480 wins.
    But some of the other notable features of the 480 GTX is that will act as a space heater during those cold winter nights, and will probably melt your powersupply.

    If you plan on keeping those cards for at least 2 years, go with the 560 ti, you will probably save 25-40$ just in power savings (depending on how much you game) and extend the life of your PSU capacitor's by a few years to boot :P
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