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Does a router exist that meets all my requirements?

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June 16, 2011 2:46:01 PM

I'm looking to replace my router as I just need more capability than what I"m currently getting.

My current router is a Linksys wrt400n which needs constant reboots to keep it running decently.

The feature set I'm hoping for is as follows:

Simultaneous dual band N
Long range, will be in a corner of my living, broadcasting to the entire house. The wrt400n currently manages this OK, about its only good point. I have a 2300 sq/ft house I want to cover all of. Router will be on the first floor but with devices on 3 levels, basement, 1st and 2nd floors.
4 port gigabit switch
would really like out of the box support for ipv6 but not holding my breath.

I'm not picky on brand names, I just want it to work. Setup isn't an issue for me, have been configuring routers for 10 years, as long as I can get to a setup page via my browser, I'm happy.

I don't need print server or external storage capability, already have those in in my NAS and built into my printer.

Devices connecting wirelessly are a Wii, xb360, 3 laptops all running Win7, an ipod touch and my Android phone. My domain controller, NAS and another PC will be plugged into the gigabit switches.

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June 16, 2011 5:51:19 PM

Have you checked the firmware for an update? Or have you thought about trying out DD-WRT out?

Since you have a decent amount of devices I would go with a gaming wireless router. Gaming routers usually can handle a high traffic load, well better than a normal home router... I would check out Newegg, check out the wireless routers, read the reviews, and make a decision.

If I were to upgrade my stuff I would go with this unit. Just an opinion though...
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June 30, 2011 2:27:33 PM

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June 30, 2011 2:30:08 PM

tkrl26 said:
Have you checked the firmware for an update? Or have you thought about trying out DD-WRT out?

As a hold over I decided to give dd-wrt a try, something I've contemplated a few times over the years but never actually got around to doing. Finally glad I did though, thanks for the reminder. :) 

Following the steps via the link you provided to flash my wrt400n with dd-wrt has greatly improved the stability of the router to the point where I haven't had to reboot it in 2 weeks, this was previously something I was doing every couple of days.

I still don't have the gigabit support or ipv6 but those are items I can survive without for the moment. Thanks again!