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Hey guys i was wondering if you could help me. Im not very tech savvy but i need to buy a new graphics card. My current graphics card is ATI Radeon 4000HD series and needs to be replaced. I believe the connection is PCI.

Im giving myself a budget of approximately £100.

Is there any graphics card within that price range that will be as powerful as the current one i have if not more powerful that is equal in quality and performance?

Many thanks for any help you can provide.
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  1. cpu and motherboard?
  2. Can we have:
    1. Model number of the computer (assuming you bought factory made)
    2. What kind of games you're looking to play.
    3. What kind of settings you want to play them at.
    For about a hundred pounds you can get a pretty good entry-mid level card. I'm thinking 7770/7750.
  3. Please refer to This thread. Otherwise it's very hard to help you.
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