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I am looking to upgrade from a gtx260 768MB. I would like something that has great performance per dollar and will not crush my pc power 610 watt psu. I initially planned on waiting for the 660 but it seems like it will be awhile for that and it may end up being more than I want to spend. I saw this on newegg GeForce GTX 560 Ti - 448 Cores (Fermi) Classified Ultra 1280MB 320-bit and it's performance per $ is pretty damn good. Is there anything else that is comparable to this that would work for me?
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  1. The question is what are the rest of your specs?
    The GTX560Ti is much more powerful than your GTX260.
  2. i have several gtx260's. list the rest of your hardware, your monitor/res/opsys and what you do with the machine.
  3. Currently I have an e8400 with 4GB of ram but I'll be getting an ivy bridge I5 of some sort depending on how they perform. I'll be gaming mostly diablo3 dota2 borderlands2 and most likely bf3 at 1920x1080.
  4. I say go with the 7850 i linked above if you can push your price a bit higher go with the 7870 it performs better than the GTX 570 and in some cases on par or better than the GTX 580
  5. a 7950 would be the minimum I'd get. If not a gtx670 providing they have 2gig of vram. 1gig cards are next to useless especially if you like to smooth out the jaggies and up your settings above 1600 res running DX10-11.
  6. lol@ the guy above suggesting a 450 dollar video card for a minimum...

    A 560ti can be found on sale for under 200 bucks and will play every game on the market for years to come. But i do agree to wait until the keplar versions drop, if just to see how it affects the pricing of the 500 series cards.
  7. actually it was supposed to be 7850, sorry about that. .......... but there's no way I would suggest a 560. I had a couple. they suck above 1600 res.

    i gotta say, there's not enough v ram ( again-1gig blows ) add in tessellation and physx the card is toast. ( DX10-11 )
  8. The radeon HD 7850/7870 are the best bang for the buck at the moment at its price segment, at least until Nvidia releases its mainstream gtx600 cards.
    Any of the HD 7800 will be a nice upgrade to your gtx260 (which I think nowadays still produces pretty decent performance...)
  9. buy 7850 OC +1,and gigabyte have dual 10cm large fan~
  10. What about this Review: EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti 448 Classified considering this is clocked lower than the one I linked and it seems to beat the 7850 by a lot and be very similar to 7870 at 1080 how are they a better bet?
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