Will the Ivy bridge i5 3570k Bottleneck my GTX EVGA 680?

So basically I am in the middle of deciding what parts to get for a new PC build but I don't know if I need to OC the processor because I don't want to bottleneck the 680. I plan to not OC anything, besides the factory overclock on the graphics card, to increase the longevity of my build. Do I or do I not have to OC the processor?


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  1. Intel and bottleneck never, ever go together in a sentence. Ever.
  2. So, going by that logic, my Intel Pentium 4 won't bottleneck my 680?

    It's wrong to say that Intel won't bottlneck. If you get one of the Pentium/Celerons, they will definitely bottleneck a build. i3 and up won't.
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    ^ I would say also more high ended Core 2 Duo's don't bottleneck either, when I got my 7850 it still didn't bottleneck it ^.^ , I had an e8400, but since then I have upgraded. Was a great CPU.
  4. Now that I feel stupid but more educated I would like to say thank you! =)
    I realise I have a lot to learn about these things its my first build and I know how everything go's together I just don't know some of the technical aspects of these types of things.
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