Nzxt Phantom 410 need help with air flow setup

Nice case came with one front 120mm white fan, 1 top 140mm white-white led fan- 1 120mm back white fan.

This case has room for 2 120mm/140mm tops fans, 2x120mm or 1x140mm front fans, 1 back 120mm fan, 1 side 120mm or 140mm fan.

I have a gtx 460 2win which sits right by the area a side fan could go. This card is a open end cooler so it pumps the hot air into the case more or less.

I would like to know what are the best fans to go with, am I better off sticking with nzxt fans so the color of the fans match, Or am I better off taking out the fans that came with the case and upgrading to diffrent fans. I would like to stick with white led fans because the led emblem that is on the gtx 460 2win is white. I am a bit touchy when it comes to matching fans.

I really need some help with this topic due to the fact that I know the case needs more airflow.

Am I better off going with dual 140mm fans on top and adding another 120mm fan to the front for a total of 2x120mm fans or putting 1x140mm in their place. Also I have room on the bottom of the case for a 120mm fan is this a thing i should add to bring more air into the spot where the video card is.

To my knowlege I cannot find a 140mm nzxt fan that has white blades and white leds like the one my case came with, I have a feeling if I want my fans to match Im going to have to change them all out.

What is a good brand of fans? Am I better off switching them all? What fans should I add.

Last note these fans that the case came with move a decent ammount of air and they are quite would like to stay with fans like these.
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  1. Here is a picture mabye this will help you guys help me.

  2. Really, Im sad that I cannot get help with this.
  3. 1) why do you want more fans? have you measured the temperatures? Try HW Monitor. if you need more fans, i would add more intake fans, bc currently you have 2x out + 1x in

    2) more fans = more noise. Smaller Fan noise > Larger fan noise, bc a larger fan can run slower to move the same amount of air

    3) I would not replace your current fans as long as they work ok. But that is personal preference. If you want fancy colours / matching colours etc ... its all up to you

    4) I added a site fan to my case and it was a big improvement temperature wise. >7 deg C.

    5) Noctua fans are considered top-notch ... and ugly. I would not worry too much about the case fan brands. Get what you like from any decent brand. Loudest component will be most likely the cpu fan.

    Hope that helps
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