Geforce 8400 gs

Looking to upgrade my card. I can spend about 70$ max.
My power supply is 300w.
Also is my cpu too weak-AMD Athlon 64x2 4200 2.2ghz.
If so can I overclock my cpu?
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  1. I'm guessing you have a silver HP Pavilion sitting on your desk infront of you right now. If not, then this conversation got really awkward. Anyway, on one of my computers I have a 4600+, which runs at 2.4GHz and is very much like yours. I have it running with a 8800GTX. I had a GTS250 on it for a long time, but the CPU would bottleneck the GPU, so I brought my 8800GTX from the dead (given I have a upgraded power suppy and case on that computer)

    Anyway, with a budget like that, I would go with one of these:

    It will run on your power supply and wont bottleneck it. My CPU in my other computer is actually not that slow, just don't put so many programs on it.

    (That card also comes with a free game!)
  2. Conversation is awkward. I have a Gateway. Anyways would that hd6670 be a big performence boost?
    Would it make a game that was about 10 fps go to like 40 fps. (Call of duty WAW)
  3. It would make a pretty sizable performance boost over what you have right now, which I am guessing is a 8400GS. Use this chart:,3107-7.html
  4. It should play games like Rome Total war, Mount and blade, and stronghold 2 on full graphics very smoothly?
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