Which graphics card do you think is the best ?

Hello i am planning on getting a GTX 560ti series card but not sure on which one is the best for gaming, here are my choices

the EVGA gtx 560ti 448 cores 1GB or the EVGA GTX 560ti 2GB 348 cores

which card do you think gives the best performance when playing games like skyim, BF3, Crysis, farcry or any other graphically demanding game ?
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  1. More cores lets the system digest more data faster and would be the better choice for most games. Most games can't take advantage of the increased memory anyway. That is changing, but the greater number of cores still lets the GPU more more data faster.

    Go with the 448/1GB version. Good luck!
  2. the EVGA gtx 560ti 448 cores 1GB should be faster. It will give about 10% more performance than the other card.
  3. The 448 is a faster card 10/10 times.... This is a no-brainer if you can afford the difference, the 448 is simply a 560 ti on steroids....
  4. No 560 ti 448 is 570's smaller brother. It's based on the GF110 (Which 570 and 580 is based from). It's basically 570 with disabled CUDA cores.
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