GTX 560ti vs AMD Radeon HD 7850

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  1. 7850 is the better card
    but nvidia has the better drive...

    7850 is faster as of now, but the drivers suck so bad that they have almost no significant differences lol...

    i'm still deciding whether to buy 7850/7870 or wait for GTX600series
  2. Personally I would go for the HD7850. Reason being, it's still new, meaning drivers haven't fully matured yet unlike the GTX560 Ti. Drivers can only get better from this point forward, right?
  3. The 7850 is the better card for gaming ... because it is a newer card that can run games on higher settings while maintaining playable frame rates.

    To those who say the GTX 560Ti has more stable drivers .... NOT necessarily. My computer (with a GTX 560Ti) randomly crashes while playing youtube videos on the latest NVidia drivers! and this is a card that is over a year old already!! AMD drivers will also have bugs and problems ... but its not like NVidia is perfect in comparison.
  4. Yes somewhat that can be true. nvidia drivers are not perfect either. But their drivers are better than AMD.

    Here is the overall performance comparison

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