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What's causing speed and ping fluctuations.

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June 16, 2011 3:12:26 PM

I have just went to another ISP due to a better deal and basically switched from cable to DSL. The speed that I took from them is the same and when they set up everything, the speed was as advertised when I checked on Now the big problem now is that maybe 2 days after the setup, the speed and ping would continually fluctuate and would actually disconnect once in a while. When it gets to a good moment I get 6Mbits/s on, then 2 minutes later it drops down to 3.00, 2.45 and even 0.65Mbits/s. The speed is especially noticeable when I browse the internet. Sometimes it takes 1 second to load and then 1 minute to load the same page.

I have tried everything to my knowledge to fix this damn thing. I have switched phone jacks, reset the modem, powered off for 10 seconds and powered on, moved the modem to different locations (I'm on wireless), I have even hooked up my computer to the modem through ethernet, I also did this while turning off all the non-microsoft applications and still does the same damn thing.

I've called the ISP about the problem and they've sent in a technician. When he came in he showed me a device and apparently it focuses the signal from all the lines in the house to the modem and it doesn't matter where I setup the modem. Of course the modem and phone will be filtered. The problem is however, the main box where all the lines are connected are inside the wall so the only way to get there is to cut through, the problem for that, I don't know where that main box is exactly. So we left out that option for the time being. When he tested the line he said we should be getting a constant 7Mbits/s. He also tested the modem and said it was fine.

In the end, we discussed about the connection, how the time of day can affect it, how long wires can affect it etc... etc..., but I thought to myself, that's bs because the slow downs shouldn't be that bad at all. Anyway, I asked him to replace the modem just in case and he agreed to do it. I just got it replaced and I'm still having the same damn problems.

Sorry about the long rant, I just wanted to make sure my situation is clear to you guys.

What do you guys think the problem is? Is it possible I have bad phone jacks? That can't be because every one of them behaved the same way. Could it be that the ISP's configuration to my home is screwed up? Could it really be that the signals on the lines are split and is greatly affecting my connection?

This is getting so frustrating because I can't play online anymore due to my ping skyrocketing some of the times and it's sometimes a pain in the ass to browse the internet.

Edit: I forgot to add, the ISP provided me a 2 wire modem, which means it has a router built in.

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June 17, 2011 9:00:58 AM

Are you in Australia? Because your line could be water damaged due to recent really wet weather in all states and territories (also because of the poor insulation of the Telstra infrastructure line). I just had that problem myself and called up my ISP. My line connector was rusted because the box was flooded, which is on the outside wall of the house, so it is an infrastructural problem and they fixed it for free. Also in my suburb, they have overhead line so they find the box easily. But since you have the box inside your property, I am not sure who will pay for the fix. You can try changing the in wall socket yourself to see it it improves the problem, they are easy DIY with part I bought from Jaycar. The wall socket was a bit rusty, but in my case, the problem was not solved until I call up the ISP and they found my box flooded.
June 17, 2011 8:46:21 PM

Hi Pyree, no, I'm don't live in australia, i live in Canada. I don't think it would be flooding because my main box is supposedly above ground level, so no water can seep in there. However, you could be right that there could be a problem with the main box. I've been told where it most likely is so I'm going to open up the wall and see what's inside, but I can't do it now because I have other things to do.
June 18, 2011 2:39:06 AM

Try changing the socket, constantly ask for tech support from ISP and may be get you local member of parliament/ opposition to get involved? Not sure about politic in Canada but in my electorate, the competition is really strong and the opposition party always helps (No more ADSL2+ port from my exchange and telco say I cannot get it until they upgrade infrastructure, I told the opposition party, they contacted the federal communication minister and the telco installed new ADSL2+ port in a month).