Hello, I currently have an coolermaster Extreme2 525 PSU, if I were to upgrade my CPU to a Zambezi FX6100 and add a HD 7850 GPU, will I be able to power them both?
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  1. Not really, that PSU can only output ~410W.

    I'd suggest getting a new one.
  2. Any suggestions on what PSU or wattage I should be purchasing?
  3. A quality PSU from Antec, XFX, Seasonic, or Corsair.
  4. Which country do you live in? What websites would you buy from? We'll help you pick one.
  5. It's the philippines and boy are prices high in this country.
  6. Do not buy TX series from corsair. Im not sure about other series or brands but in my experience the fan ran 100% all the time. I saw many videos and forums about it. After RMAing it and getting a brand new one.. had the same problem. The fan uses a black and red so it cannot be controlled. I took it apart and replaced the fan with one that ran to my fan controller so I could control it.

    For the most part many brands get their PSU from the same source. I think corsair gets theirs from seasonic i don't remember.

    Look up sound comparisons and issues.
  7. I have a silverstone red light case for the moment and do you think if I change power supply that It would fit? or do they have any varying sizes at all?
  8. Alfheim said:
    It's the philippines and boy are prices high in this country.

    tried all these?

    PC Hub
    PC Express
    PC Worx
    Dynaquest PC Sales
    Wired Systems
    PC Madness -
    VillMan Computers -
  9. Anonymous said:

    Thanks for the stores, I honestly didn't know I had options like these.
  10. Alfheim said:
    Thanks for the stores, I honestly didn't know I had options like these.

    you're welcome.

    when it comes down to it a quality 500-550 watt PSU will be fine the thing is that cooler master is not a quality PSU they have been known to fail below the rated load.

    the xfx, corsair, seasonic as amuffin suggested are great along with enrmax, pc power&cooling, fsp and some ocz.

    here is a database to find manufacturers and models with many of them reviewed:

    don't be afraid to ask any questions :)
  11. What wattage of PSu should I get If I have a i5-3570k, and a GTX 660ti with no other voltage options and the 3570k is for possible OC.
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    this is the power consumption with an over clocked sandy bridge-E ( that will use 48 watts more at stock)

    all the 660ti are overclocked also and except for one they are under 400 total watts. the max load you want to put on a PSU is 80% of it continuous load for best efficiency. so 400/.8= 500 watts

    also lower quality PSUs have weaker 12 volt rails, where you really need to draw power from for the CPU and GPU. a better quality will have 80% of its power on the 12 volt rail or 400 of 500 watts. so a minimum of 34 amps of 12 volts would be necessary; though just the CPU and GPU won't use more than ~300 watts.
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