The best graphic card to go with pcie2.0 x1,x4,x8 and x16

ok. the title just said it all... what i want to know is what is the best GPU for each pcie 2.0 configuration?
for example let just say that at pciex1 the best GPU is the nvidia210. any higher than that will be bottleneck by the bandwidth...

currently im doing an expriment with my 4870 to know at what pcie configuration is the minimum before i get any performance bottleneck...
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  1. Almost all gaming graphics card doesn't bottleneck on x16 or x8 slots.

    To be not bottlenecked by the x4 slot, I believe you need a non gaming cards such as 7750, 6750, 6670, 440, 430, 240, etc.

    And x1 is for very slow card like 5450, G210, etc.
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