What Case to Get?

I'm building a new system soon that will more than likely contain an AMD athlon +1.2 GHz w/abit mobo. Any reccomendations on nice towers?

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  1. InWin makes a huge assortment of cases at reasonable costs. If you don't mind spending twice the money, I recommend Lian-Li. I have 2 InWin full towers and one Lian-Li PC-60. The entire Lian-Li weighs about as much as one side panel from an InWin! LoL!

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  2. Check out the Antec 1040 case at <A HREF="http://www.antec-inc.com" target="_new">http://www.antec-inc.com</A>, click on the Enclosures link on the left menubar.

    This case seems to have it all, I'm ordering one today.

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  3. Since a case is something you can use again in future projects, you should get a good, sturdy case that will last a while. Perferbly one with a tool-less chasis and 300watt PSU.

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