Need the most bang for my buck.

Hello Guys, I really need some help to chose which CPU gets me the most bang for my buck, with out having to break the bank.

My purposes include :Autocad, video rendering and gaming. for games I tend to play anything from BF3 to Minecraft/Terraria. I'd highly prefer if it can play BF3 on at least high at 1920x1080.

Budget is in philippine peso which is roughly 150$ for a CPU and another 150$ for motherboard. my budget is higher than that but if I factor in shipping costs it'd likely consume my budget.

GPU is still undecided however I have had though of purchasing a 660 ti or 7950 I'm not sure where I'm leaning towards.
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  1. i5-3450 and Asus P8H77-M LE

    i5-3450 - Php 8300
    Asus P8H77-M LE - Php 4500

    Total = Php 12,800 ($309 USD)

    It might be cheaper in other stores.
  2. Thanks that was unexpectedly within the budget. Say what if I wanted an AMD rig with same budget, would I get any better performance?
  3. In Gaming i would say the intel one is better.

    But in Video Rendering or Autocad. The FX-8120 might beat or perform similar to the i5.

    If you are going AMD, i suggest you wait a bit for Piledriver (FX-8320). I think they will release it this month. It will use the current AM3+ socket.

  4. Well I think I'm gonna wait a bit holiday season usually has a lot of price cuts anyway.
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