260GTX Squeal... Or Somthing Else

I upgraded my system, the first system was bought from a store and the new one is a second hand...

the problem is that it seems that on the new system the 260GTX or thr MOBO is having a high pitch sound

old system-
mobo - Gigabyte GAEP45DS3L
cpu - q6600
ram - 4gb ddr2 800mhz
psu - toghtpower 750watt
G.Card - asus 260gtx

new system -
mobo - Gigabyte GA-H67M-D2
cpu - I7 2600
ram - 4gb ddr3 1333mhz
psu - toghtpower 750watt
G.Card - asus 260gtx

The sound starts immediatly when the windows starts to load... (even on desktop, without any load)
The thing is that when i assamble back the old system the sound is apperently gone...

Any way you can help me?

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  1. sombody? anybody?
  2. If it starts at windows and not at the bios screen it will be driver realted most likely try unloading audio drivers and getting the newest drivers for that... Is the sound coming from the board itself or your speakers.? You need to find out what is making the sound before we can help much.

  3. its called coil whine, and its normal

    my gtx 285 did it too. ha, i had completely forgotten about it. (my new card doesnt do it)

    edit: happens with no load? ok i dont think thats normal. maybe its not coil whine. mine happened under load, though your card is older than mine was.
  4. Which drivers are you using?
  5. i just installed all new drivers from the sites of Gigabyte...
    still the sound is here...

    how can i check if there are leftover drivers?
  6. it's not a constant beep... it comes and goes... somtimes shorter the the others... about 5-10 sec. beeps...
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