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This is the second computer I've built in the last 10 years, so go easy please. :)

As far as I can tell everything is good to go, except for one dilemma I'm having. There's a power cable from the PSU for connecting the fans. Right now, I have two fans in the case, one in the front and one in the rear. (I wanted a third fan which was on the chassis side panel, but I had to remove it in order to make room for the Hyper 212 evo cpu cooling unit. That's irrelevant to this though.) On the power cable are two four pin connectors so I can connect the two fans directly to the PSU. However, there is also a smaller 4 pin connector, which I can seemingly plug in the sys_fan connection on the motherboard. Should I be plugging that connector into the motherboard or should I just have the two fans connected directly to the PSU, and that's good enough? Please advise. Thanks!!
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  1. The smaller 4 pin connector is for floppy drive power, do not plug it into your motherboard
  2. missread post dell user is correct.
  3. the four pin connector on the PSU or on the fan? I would guess it's just there in case you have a fan that has 3 pins on it instead of molex, or a PWM fan that's not for the CPU.
  4. whew, glad i came here before powering up. Thanks guys!
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