Second HDD won't detect and controlling fan case?

I have multiple problems with my new built computer.
Specs and parts:

First off, my casing is the NZXT Guardian Blue and it comes with 3 fans. I want to know how to control that fan speed cause it's always on full blast when I turn on my computer. Super loud and super annoying.
The fan has 3 pins so I just plugged them into the Mother board wherever it says "fan", but the only problem is that I can't control the fan speed even with a third party software, so I assume is the wiring problem or I need to buy something to control the speed.

Second, I have a SSD as a bootup and a HDD as extra memory. The SSD is working perfectly fine as a bootup but on my computer, it doesn't show my second HDD. The computer detects that HDD but it doesn't detect when I click "my computer".

Third, I screwed up and installed Windows 7 32 bits, so how do I reformat it and reinstall Windows7 x64bits?
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  1. firstly, the mobo may not be able to control voltage to 3pin fans. If the motherboard headers are 4-pin and you have the budget, you could add all PWM 4 pin fans and then you should be able to control them. otherwise buy a fan controller to control the 3-pin fans. you can get these that take a slot in the 5 inch bays with a nice display and/or knobs.

    secondly, make sure the hdd is properly connected via sata and that everyting is enabled as it should be within BIOS for SATA connections.

    thirdly, backup, put in your 64bit w7 disc, change boot priority in bios to CD drive, then you can reformat and reinstall through the windows setup.
  2. For you HDD you need to go to the device manager / disk management, right click on the disk, initialize and format it. Then it will show up in "my computer".
    As burgessanthony said, boot from DVD to reinstall windows. You mobo might have an option to do that at startup without changing the boot order in bios permanetently. As the manual. The installer will tell you at some point, that there is no space to install windows to. At that point choose the advanced option, delete the old partition on your SSD an proceed with the installation. You may want to disconnect the HDD while installing. In some cases the windows boot manger gets installed on it instead off the SSD otherwise.
  3. Second HDD is connected correctly. On my device manager and everything else on my computer, it says that the HDD is connected and it's working properly and it's still not showing up when I click on "My Computer".

    I just did a complete reinstall Win7 without partion. The installation is fine but I'm unable to delete the Windows7.old file. I went to my program file, right click and delete. It deletes everything and it's not in my recycle bin anymore. Then I look at my SSD, it says that Windows7 is using 85GB out of 120GB, which I assume I didn't delete the old file. So... where is it hidden? I also did a disk clean up and still didn't work. Any ideas?
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