Disable only one of two wireless Internet connections?

I have a wireless router (an Actiontec PK5000) and two desktop computers that connect with USB wireless adapters. I'm looking for a way to stop one of those computers from connecting wirelessly, without disconnecting the other.

I used to have a wired ethernet connection, but since I've moved my computer to a different room I've had to rely on a wireless connection. Previously, I shut off the wireless in the house whenever other people were hogging bandwidth, but now that's not an option, as it would shut me down too.

Any help?
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  1. Just remove the USB Wireless adapter.
  2. Quote:
    Just remove the USB Wireless adapter.

    A valid point, but I need to be more subtle than that. I'm trying to find a way to do it remotely.
  3. I think your problem is social, not technical.

    If you really wanted to do so, you could log into your router and configure it, but why?
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