Any news on a gtx 650 ti coming out?

I just wonder if theres any news on a gtx 650 ti coming out?
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  1. I just bought an EVGA 560 TI yesterday. I'm hoping the new ones come out in the next 90 days - I might take advantage of EVGA's step up program.
  2. in may and june is the next milestone for nvidia to start selling newer keplars. the problems right now is the chip foundry that makes the gpu for nvidia and ati closed the product line down do to very low yeilds. there just now trying to ramp up protection for the 680 gpu.
  3. i'm sure you mean production instead of protection?
    so you saying 2/3 months and it should be out?
  4. The 650TI is going to be the lowest card on the Kepler lineup, on par with the 7750/7770. Don't know why you're holding out for it.
  5. gonna be a while as nvidia has quite a few cards to launch before that. Given how little information is out for it.
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