Game s are lagging periodically

Hi I am really in a problem here .my system config is windows xp sp3 . 3 gb ram , 1gb graphics, my mother board is g41.
I used to play fifa 11 at lowest specs and 800X600 resolution and also nfs undercover at the lowest specs. the drivers i used were the ones given with my motherboard. at low specs the game ran smoothly and i played for 6 months without any problem. but recently my system crashed and i reformatted my system . But all of my games has problems now while running, there is lags in fifa 11 and undercover. though prince of persia 2 ran ok.
I did everything i found in the internet. Defragmented my c drive,reinstalled the game, updated drivers . but still the game lags .
plz help me i dont know why this is happening.
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  1. download the latest drivers for your video card
    update your direct x
  2. i have the latest drivers installed and my direct x version is 9 c which i think is the highest for xp . but still there is no improvement
  3. Download HWMonitor and check the temperatures when it's lagging.
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