Reinstalling office 2007 on windows 7

just installed windows 7 over vista. put my office home and student 2007 disc in and it wont do anything. what next please?
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  1. Have you tried right clicking your DVD and clicking on "autorun"?
  2. yes. I can hear the drive running but when I right click all I get is how do I want my icons arranged. As if the disc is not being recognized in the drive.
  3. You're not clicking the right spot if you're getting that menu. Double-clicking the drive icon would be a better way of doing it.
  4. I guess I am just use to the installation wizzsrd starting when I insert a disc. Thank you for you help. It started and works fine now. You rule, whoever you are!! Thank you.
  5. If you want to change what happens when you insert a CD or DVD, go to Control Panel/Hardware and Sound/Autoplay.
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