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Is this a good pre built computer?
Id switch the video card and psu out id put a 600 watt psu in and this but whats the difference between That video card and this one?
Thanks guys and i had like a 600$ budget i want to play games like mw3, and normal online fps like combat arms, fps's from etc those arent to graphic intensive but i know mw3 take a bit to run, i looked up the benchmarks on the Gt640 says itll run mw3 easily so hopefully the rest of the build does to i think it shall. Anyways ill take suggestions and thoughts :)!
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  1. Actually, when it comes to CyberpowerPC, go to the source - see what you can do there (lots of customizing options)
    you can customize the base model as much as your budget allows - nice site
  2. Alright sweet but what do you think of the one i posted?
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    It's an alright unit, if I recieved it as a gift, I wouldn't complain. It still has some potential. The upgrades you mention in your post could probably wait (and then, who knows...better/cheaper is always around the corner). But, if you're looking to upgrade right away (my belief from your first post), then going through CyberpowerPC would probably be a worthwhile option.
  4. Alright, i just want a computer for normal gaming, and this particular rig i saw some YouTube videos of it running MW3 high settings that's all i want so i don't need to upgrade for a bit cause i don't like bf, or diablo or skyrim games like those i don't play, only the online fps, and cod series this computer will do the job i think and its cheap and upgradeable like you said! Thanks man!
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