GTX 680 and SWTOR: frame rate flux

I just installed my new EVGA gtx 680 and it runs great on Skyrim and Battlefield 3. (85-75fps and 71-65fps respectfully) SWTOR, however, vascilates greatly. (112fps-45fps) I was wondering if this is due to it being an on-line game. I thought perhaps latency and such was affeting the frame rate. Can anyone give me some feedback on this, or has anyone experienced the same issue?
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  1. I play SWTOR on both a mobile (6970m) and desktop GPU (560ti 448) and have the same experience. Framerates are all over the board. I chalk this up to the fluctuating content to render and dynamic content, being an MMO (online).

    Framerates never become unplayable, or really noticeable so I haven't spent too much time troubleshooting it.
  2. I found this on civ 4.
    Static images were 30fps, and there was jerkiness when moving the map which soon changed to 60.

    What I think was happening was that the card was detecting a static display and reducing the frame rate to conserve power.

    I went to the nvidia control panel and changed the settings for the game.
    I changed power management mode from adaptive to prefer maximum performance.
    I also changed maximum prerendered frames to 2 from use app 3d setting.
    I suspect that only the power setting change would have been sufficient.

    Regardless, the problem is fixed, and I get a steady 60fps which is the limit for the game.
  3. well, I think it's obvious by it being a MMO game.

    Have you tried new beta drivers and try the adaptive vsync?
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