Brand new rig not booting up correctly... sigh

So I checked and double checked everything (all cables are connected properly, connections are tight, etc. etc.) and I can't find anything wrong. I just turned on the power and the first thing I notice is the sound of the fans, so those seem to be working properly. After about 10 seconds, I hear a beep, and then a screen comes on the monitor saying "MSI mainboard" and the msi logo. That disappears after about 2 seconds and I'm left with a blank screen with a flashing cursor in the upper left. I still hear the fans going but nothing else happens after that. Ugh.

So here's my rig. The only thing used is the 64 gb Kingston ssdnow ssd, which I used in my old computer. Everything else is brand new:

cpu and mobo: MSI X79MA-GD45 Intel X79 LGA 2011 Motherboard and Intel Core i7-3930K
gpu: GeForce GTX 670 2gb pci express 16x dual head, hdmi
cooling: Hyper 212 Evo
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 16 gb (4x4gb) PC12800 ddr3 1600 quad channel
SSD: 64 gb Kingston ssdnow
Media drive: LG Blu-ray and dvd combo drive
Case: Apevia x-cruiser 2 black, side window, front usb, ieee, temp control
Power Supply: Thermaltake TR2 650w ultra quiet atx power supply, SLI and X-fire ready
Wireless key/mouse: Logitech wireless keyboard and optical mouse combo black

Everything is plugged in and as I mentioned, it seems like all cables are connected properly to the best of my knowledge.

I sincerely hope I didn't melt the cpu or fry the motherboard or something. I don't smell any burning. Is there anything I'm forgetting or neglecting to do? Knowing me I'm probably not doing something really basic.

Any advice is appreciated!
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  1. Any ideas? Kind of freaking out here :( No clue what's wrong.
  2. Umm, do you have a device with a bootable partition attached? Usually a computer will do that if it fails to find an operating system. I'd recommend going to the BIOS (if you don't know the key, spam F2, F10, and Del at startup before/during the MSI splash screen) and checking the boot order. Make sure it isn't set to boot to network or a flash drive - something it could get caught on. Make the top boot device either your disc drive to install the OS or HDD to run the OS once installed.
  3. Ok did that and got into the Bios. I set my SSD as the first thing to boot, and restarted. My SSD has windows 7 on it already so I figured it would just recognize it and boot up no problem. Silly me. Same thing happened. The beeping, followed by msi splash screen, followed by blank screen and cursor sitting in left hand corner. So I restarted and went into the BIOS again. Next, I set the Blu ray/dvd drive as the first device to boot, and I put my copy of Windows 7 into the device. I restart, and again, same thing happening. In the BIOS it does recognize both my SSD and the dvd drive, but it does not seem to want to boot off either one.

    Can't shake that feeling that I'm missing and/or doing something really stupid here. :/
  4. anyone live in the bay area and wanna look at this thing? lol
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