Triple monitor GTX 680?

Hello all,

I have question concerning the new gtx 680 in regards to eyefinity. From my understanding eyefinity automatically detects how many displays you have and extrapolates info from games to fill those displays making an eyefinity set up very easy. Does the new gtx680 have any features like this? I know it supports up to 4 independent display's. I want a triple monitor rig and would prefer to use nividia and the new 680.

Thanks in advanced for any info.

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    GTX680 supports Nvidia Surround (Nvidia answer to the Eyefinity solution). This link provides a very good overview of Surround, including setting up the various options:

    You might be well served to wait for the 3/4Gb 680s to hit the streets, though. They may provide better support higher res textures across a triple monitor setup.
  2. Eyefinity is for AMD cards and not Nvidia cards. Nvidia has 3D Vision surround. When you connect three displays you would then go into the Nvidia contrl panel and set up your displays to the way you want them. It is very easy to do , there is a tab in there for setting up multile displays.
  3. GTX 680 can play 3 monitors at 50fps on BF3 and Skyrim according to HardOCP's review of it.
  4. azeem40, I beleive you meant to say sli gtx680's can play bf3 at 50 fps. A single 680 will struggle just as a single 7970 will unless you turn the quality down to a combination of med/high. Here is the review:

    They do talk about the 2GB of VRAM on the 680 bottlenecking but the two setups are comparable with the 7970's slightly edging out the 680's. I think it is because the 680's have better sli scaling than the 7970's. Eyefinity works as if you have one large monitor and I have read(though I can't remember where) that 3dsurround still acts as though you have 3 monitors by throttling the framerates on the two peripheral monitors in order to be able to run the main display with higher framerates. Apparently, the reasoning behind this is that you focus on the main display so noone will notice if the side monitors are running with reduced framerate. For me, the peripheral frame rate issue and having only 2GB of VRAM was enough for me to stick with AMD. Also, the availability as well better cooler options. I just ordered one XFX 7970 DD and I expect to order the second this weekend when my 6990 sells. Gotta love XFX for putting a decent cooler on the card and giving you a lifetime warranty with it.
  5. Po1nted thanks for that link! Incredibly informative for me

    I was planning on waiting for the non ref cards with more vram which will hopefully help improve performance.

    Thanks again!
  6. If you plan on widescreen gaming, I would definitely wait for the non reference models to come out. More VRAM and a better Cooler and I bet sli gtx 680's will be a killer setup. Maybe by that time AMD will have released the 4GB 7970 and you will have to re-examine this thread.
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