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Post the GPU-Z for a stock 6970 please

As the title says, can someone please post a picture of GPU-Z of their 6970 please. Easy best answer!

I would like to compare it to my 6950:
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More about post stock 6970 please
  1. on second thought, ignore the word stock in the title. an overclocked card would be fine too
  2. thanks, only helps me so much though. my 6950 is heavily modified and those pages are missing some of the info shown in gpu-z

    at first glance though, it seems my memory has more bandwidth than that used on a 6970. i found that very interesting!
  3. I don't have a HD 6970, but why not just google it?

    NOTE: Not mine.
  4. Best answer

    EDIT: Someone post it before me xD
  5. lazy/showing off ;)

    edit: oops, sorry gman. was scrolling up from the bottom when i selected the best answer. didnt realize 2 people had posted what i asked for. rightfully best answer was yours.
  6. Best answer selected by neon neophyte.
  7. refillable said:
    EDIT: Someone post it before me xD

    LOL :lol:
  8. nice oc or bios flashed!
  9. yeah im rather pleased with the card. came with a switch for the unlocked shader bios. whats even nicer about it is it doesnt mess with the ram like a 6970 bios would have.

    ocs like a banshee, thats 100 percent stable and even runs cool (imo)
  10. No, my answer should not be the best answer :D.
  11. take it and run. i cant change it. lol

    edit: why isnt OpenCl checked in gmans picture?
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