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So, I've realised I really need to update my graphics card (ATI Radeon HD 4750) on my shitty ol' laptop. I found out it's NOT a chipset and I think it can be replaced, not sure though. Can you guys maybe suggest a decent graphics card that I could fit in my laptop, within the price range of £50 to £100? It'd be much appreciated!
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  1. laptop gpus arent sold seperately
    i really doubt you can upgrade it
  2. What make/model of laptop do you have? Only laptops/notebooks specifically designed to support upgradeable GPUs can be upgraded (like high-end gaming and workstation class rigs).
  3. if its the replaceable kind then only the manufacture would carry upgrade to fit into that laptop. your upgrade is limited to what kind of graphics card was made available during the production of your laptop.
  4. neon neophyte said:
    laptop gpus arent sold seperately
    i really doubt you can upgrade it

    This is not true, in many cases. If it is upgradable the standard is most likely going to be either MXM 2.0 or 3.0 for the mobile gfx card. When upgrades are possible the card are often readily available via online vendors or the manufacturer (probably not the cheapest route). Or Ebay in a pinch or if the cost/availability is better.

    What manufacturer/model of laptop do you have? That information is necessary to determine if an upgrade is possible or feasible.
  5. its only as upgradable as the options given when the laptop was first sold

    thats not upgradable imo

    edit: not to mention, if the laptop is a little older its next to impossible to find said upgrade

    i stand by what i said, i really doubt he can upgrade it
  6. imo don't waste your money... most likely if you can upgrade it "it's just what was made at the time of production" example: so like when you first bought it, it came with an option to go with amd 4750m or amd 4770m. your only upgrade now is to find that amd 4770m that was specifically made to fit into your laptop. ebay and other online vendors may sell the next card but most likely a refurbish/used.
    Save that 100euro for new system.
  7. Yeah, I think I'm just going to build a cheap gaming set up. Ah well, looks like I'm going to have to somehow scrape 400 odd quid together for a decent PC! :P
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