560ti (448 core) vs 560 ti (384 core) SLI

I have been using 2x gigabyte 560 ti (384 core) in SLI. These are factory overclocked @ 900Mhz

One of them was crashing and was sent back for a replacement.

I was sent a gigabyte 560 ti 448 core 1280MB :/

I guess that throws SLI out the window? (between 384/448 core versions)

I'm not sure what to do. I mean it is a free upgrade in one respect and my brother has another 560ti so I could easily give him the 560ti 448 and take his 560ti 384 to get SLI up and running again.

On the other hand I could sell the 560ti 448/560ti 384 and get a GTX 680... I was tempted to upgrade anyway. I am a gaming enthusiast and I can justify any extra performance (560ti SLI was struggling with BF3 @ 120Hz/1080p anyway)

What do you suggest?

1) get refund because they can't replace my GPU (can you imagine if my brother didn't happen to have another 560ti? they'd have just completely prevented me from using my second 560ti 384 core in SLI
2) use the 560 448 core for a bit and get a 680 when it drops in price
3) trade the 448 core with my brothers 384 core so I can use SLI
4) sell everything now and get a 680

Definitely tempted to go with 2/3. I wouldn't mind waiting a month or so to see if the 680GTX falls in price a little. The load temp on 560ti 448 is only 60C, which is just amazing compared to 560ti 384 SLI (80-95C/noise/generic "hey computer is going to explode" smell)

specs: 2600K 4.4ghz/16GB RAM/Windows 7 64 bit

The vendor is overclockers.co.uk by the way. Pain in the ** returns service. You can only process the return via this web note system with no conversation thread, they send you pages of poorly formatted instructions, they make you pay for return postage (and refund after the item is confirmed faulty). It took a LOT of hard work to get a replacement (it took over a month to process, and it's actually a B-grade 560ti 448 with a tatty box, unbelievable!) by contrast Ebuyer.com pay for the courier and sort it out within a week.

I guess it's ok though, they stuck a bag of 10p haribo Tangfastics to the package. Yes, you read that right and no I am not joking

Few more questions

1) what is the general performance difference between 384/448 core as a percentage? it seems to be about 20% faster
2) what is the performance difference between 448 core and 384 core SLI as a percentage? Do you think the (MUCH) lower temperatures and higher video memory actually make a single 448 core a better option? (1GB memory on 384 core is often maxed out in games like battlefield/crysis causing some stuttering unless we lower texture (usually from "ultra" to "high"))
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  1. I would sell them both and get a 680 honestly. The 448 core is actually a de-tuned 570, not a buffed up 560ti. I doubt the price of the 680 is going to drop in the next 3-4months, not until they release their actual flag ship with the 384bit bus.
  2. Firstly, I'd be quite happy that I got a -448 instead of the -384. But still, it's a huge mistake.
    I would go for '3)'. Trade with your brother for now. Use the SLi. I could consider '2' as well.

    2)As for SLi, it seems that not many tech sites, have bothered to do that. However, considering a GTX570 SLi can be taken. The scaling however, would be greater for the 570 compared to the -448.
  3. thanks. I think that selling them for a 680 will be the best action then. Maybe I can look at the 448 as a bit of a godsend as it will net a little extra. Provided the 680 holds its value and isn't likely to drop (significantly - 30%+) in the next 6 months.

    Slightly concerned about selling them on somewhere like eBay, I hope there aren't any nasty tricks a buyer could pull off and switch it with a broken one? Guess I can write down the serial numbers from the little sticker attached to the GPU? what do you guys usually do when selling components online is there much of a risk?
  4. Hey, you can always game on the gtx 560 ti 448 for a bit and sell the gtx 560 ti. Wait on the gk 110 if you dont need the performance right now. Even if the rumor is fake, you can always get a gtx 680 then.
  5. i sent the 560ti 448 back for a refund on the basis that it wasn't compatible with my system so now I'm with the one 560ti 384 bit. It's not really enough horsepower for me but I'm finding it difficult to justify getting the GTX 680 @ ~£440... I think it would need to be significantly superior in terms of performance. The heat/power improvements are the most appealing factors but it would be nice to see a 30-40% performance increase over my old SLI setup. Instead, it seems to perform on par fluctuating above sometimes, and below in other apps.
  6. I was under the impression that 2x560 ti were more powerful than any single gpu solution available today. I'm willing to accept that I may be wrong, I humbly ask for a link so that I can verify this, either way.

    Thanks for any/all help.
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