Installed new PSU & a second sata, nothing shows on monitor.

Hi guys, really need your help.
Please bare with me, I'm a girl for one and I'm kind of tech savvy, but not a genius... So I need your advice.

My computer kept overheating so the computer would shut off (PSU cooling fan no longer functioned) so I bought a new cooler master RS-600-PCAR-E3 to replace my old 600 watt one. I also installed a new Harddrive... Computer booted up fine and everything worked, I finally formatted the new Harddrive... Perfomed other minor tasks (disk cleaner, cc cleaner) shut down and went to bed. This morning I turn on the computer, the monitor was trying to locate a signal, and nothing... I thought maybe it was trying to boot from the new harddrive,, unplugged, nothing still. I made sure all was still plugged into the motherboard... All is fine, still no signal.

Any advice?
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  1. Not exactly sure what these sounds are either... Sounds like its coming from the dvd player, nothing is in there though:
  2. Check all connectors to motherboard and drives.
  3. Did that again (3rd time) all is plugged in. I unplugged/replugged. I don't think thats the issue because the computer booted up fine the first time (I was able to format my 2nd harddrive) I didnt have the issue where my monitor was trying to pick up the signal. It had worked just fine. Now for some reason it's not working.
  4. Try to reset CMOS, to see if you can reconfigure the BIOS. Please read the review about your power supply!
  5. Just wanted to update everyone on what the problem was. For some reason the video card went out after changing these things. :/ Installed a new one and now it works... Only problem now is I get this error:
  6. Check All your BIOS settings to make sure they are correct. Have any idea what took out the video card?
  7. I am not exactly sure what to look for in the bios settings. :[
    I am not sure what happened to the VC. It worked fine the same day and the next day when I turned on the computer, it went out.
  8. Try running ckdsk on your c drive see if that helps.
  9. That didn't help. Same thing keeps happening.. Any other suggestions? :-X
  10. just go in bios and set all in default settings this would be helpful to ur system some
    reasons of adding new hardware interrupts the old hw settings just put the hdd slot in sata 1 and another to sata 2 then go in bios set the in default setting also i noticed the cpu fan connector may not have connected properly try to pull out and get some blow with mouth in connector and plu it back again
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