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Hello, I have a Dimond 6970 I have a triple monitor setup with 3 asus 24inch monitors and there seems to be a problem with my mini display ports. I mean they work, but the refresh rate seems to be less than the DVI, is that normal? I just dont like seen the cut line between two frames as i watch netflix or move windows around on the thrid monitor. Is it cause by the display port? or is it my active adapter made by acell witch is AMD certified for eye finity?
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  1. The Acell adapter is plain and simple, garbage. Dell uses a rebranded version which I've used in the past. The problem lies in the usb power draw not being sufficient to power a full DVI-I resolution.

    RMA it and stick with the VGA>DP adapter, from there you can go DP>MiniDP. That's what I did and my 3rd screen has worked perfect ever since. Once you start getting full blown blinking from the 3rd monitor you'll know what I was going through.

    As a side note you can try to setup a Catalyst profile that forces VSync while watching movies, but I wouldn't hold my breath.
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