Radeon HD 7850 xp driver install problems

I've bought a Sapphire Radeon HD 7850 graphics card and I'm currently trying to download and install the xp drivers for it. What I am directed to download at sapphiretech.com and also amd.com is Catalyst software suite installer, which is supposed to solve all my problems. It doesn't though. It downloads and seemingly installs, progress bars and all, and puts alot of files into folders, but then nothing more happens, there are no new programs installed, and the drivers for the graphics card still aren't there.

Am I doing something wrong? Missing something? Thanks in advance!
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  1. Can't edit for some reason, so here's another post:

    Also, I can't direct Windows to install the drivers itself even though there appears to be driver files in the newly created folders.
  2. Did your graphics card come with a CD with drivers on it, because from what I'm reading on the web, there's is/was some problem with drivers downloaded from sources other than the provided CD.

    Before you tried to install the drivers, did you remove all the other previously installed graphics drivers, ccc and all? Make sure to then reboot. (Maybe not necessary to remove the ccc, but if you've already downloaded the installer for it, why not)

    If none of this works, have you tried perhaps trying a different company's set of drivers? Keep in mind I don't know if this is a good idea or not. (AMD's are generic, I don't know if the specific companies' included drivers are or are not)
  3. For some reason it won't let me edit... How very odd...

    Moving on... Using the CD provided, I installed catalyst version 12.3.
  4. AMD isn't listing any XP compatible drivers on their website for the HD7K series cards. So, where are people finding XP compatible drivers?
  5. The 7000 series doesn't have XP support (and won't until 12.4 later this month). That said, why are you running a $250 DX 11.1 GPU on an OS that only supports DX 9?
  6. Thank you everyone for your replies!

    dannyboy, it said on the box that the XP drivers were'nt included on the CD and to got to the interweb. Readying aicom's reply, I conclude that there actually aren't any XP drivers, since the catalyst install thing apparently installed as it should and still didn't work. I'm upgrading to windows 7 tonight/this weekend, which should fix my problem.

    aicom, I believe that you're correct, but where did you get that information? Because AMD themselves seem to believe that you can download drivers from their website. This doesn't work though as stated. As for your question, because I wanted to get it running asap, but now I'll go about upgrading to Windows 7. Should have done so already I guess but XP has served me well.
  7. Yeah, AMD's website is misleading since it gives download links for XP drivers when you select the HD 7000 series. I can't remember exactly where I got that info first but I found this (link below). It only seems to be directed toward 7700 and 7900 GPUs so that may or may not mean that the 12.4 release will not have support for the 7800 series on XP.


    Even so, Windows 7 is still your best OS bet. It's able to use the more advanced features of the card that XP won't support even with the driver updates (CrossFire, OpenCL, DX10 and DX11).
  8. Well, Windows 7 installed and everything running smoothly so far! Thanks again!
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