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I have a dell dimension 4700 with a p4 ht 2.80ghz 515 processor and i was wondering if i could put a better p4 in it, also i was wondering if I could switch out the stock cooler and put in a better one?
Please help quickly
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  2. Thanks for the info :)
  3. The P4 is half as fast clock-for-clock, core-for-core than Core2 that came after it so it really is not worth sidegrading to. If you want a major boost on a budget while remaining with Intel, I would recommed going for a Pentium G2120 and a b75/h77-based motherboard. This will use half as much power as a Pentium-D and be 5X as fast as your current PC. Total cost assuming you reuse everything else would be around $250 for parts.

    However, since your PC is almost certainly using a BIOS-locked OEM copy of Windows, you would need to throw in an OS as an extra.
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