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Hi,I have recently bought a Gigabyte GTX-560 non-Ti card that is overclocked by default (GV-N56GOC-1GI) and I see poor performance on games such as Crysis 2(15-20 FPS average everything maxed out) and Mass Effect 3 (20-30 FPS only AF disabled everything else on max) and ArmA II (15-30 FPS average all maxed out no AA),before I bought the card I was playing on my brother's rig but with my HDD's connected to it and got an average of 25-40 FPS on Crysis 2 and a constant 60 FPS on Mass Effect 3 and 30-45 FPS on Battlefield 3 all maxed out and ArmA II all maxed out without AA with FPS range of 30-60 on an ASUS GTX 550 Ti card both my brother and my monitor are the same running on a max resolution of 1280x1024 ingame and on desktop the graphics settings in all games are the same as they were on my brother's rig but now with an FPS drop ranging from 10-20 frames from the frames I got on my brother's rig,the specs are as follows:
2 GB RAM Kingston
1280x1024 Acer AL1717 monitor
500 W PSU
Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93 Ghz
My PC:
GTX 560 1GB factory OC'ed
DG946GZIS Mobo
2 GB RAM Kingston
1280x1024 Acer AL1717 monitor
500 W PSU
Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93 Ghz
My brother's:
GTX 550 Ti 1GB
2 GB RAM Kingston
1280x1024 Acer AL1717 monitor
500 W PSU (same brand as mine called Diamond)
Core 2 Duo E7500 @ 2.93 Ghz
As you can see the only difference between the 2 rigs are the MOBOs other than the graphic cards,so I have no idea why the lags are occuring though I'm running a more powerful card now,I can assure you that the HDDs have no role in this lag.So what's the problem and how can I fix this.
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  1. i'd say you probably have different in game settings or nvidia settings. But also the CPU is a bottleneck particularly at such a low resolution. You should really have more than 2gb ram to get a smooth game experience.
  2. No no,both nVidia and ingame settings are the same,like I said I moved my hard drives to my rig from my brother's all that I did after that is uninstalled nVidia drivers and reinstalled them for the GTX 560,same drivers.Well the CPU could be the problem here,but I read that it runs the card at 75% of its optimal power,couldn't be worse than a GTX 550 Ti,and as for the RAMs I'm gonna upgrade but my board is DDR2 and I'm getting a new board,problem is I don't know when I'm getting a new CPU because then the E7500 couldn't fit in the LGA 1155 socket of the P67 if I'm right.
    Also forgot to mention that I pooled most of my resources to get the card for 250$,yes non-ti version,so no room for upgrades other than RAM or probably a Full HD screen.
  3. No your E7500 will not fit in a LGA 1155 socket board.

    You mentioned you moved the HDD from your brothers computer to yours? I suggest you do a format and reinstall. There is likley a whole host of issues related to the large hardware change windows has gone through.

    Format and Reinstall Windows.
    Download and install your motherboard & video card drivers.
    Try your games again.
  4. i am constantly using the new drivers from nividia, then rolling back to the old. trying the next set of new drivers and being ok.

    i downloaded every driver from 270 up before i found 285 worked pretty good. now i have thrown caution and a lot of work, to the wind by downloading and installing the 301 beta . .
  5. what i would do is a little house cleaning. I would start by running ccleaner to clear up some drive space and get rid of any temp files....alos run windows defrag or use defragler. also run scan of malwarebyte and check to see if your anti virus is up to date and not expired. if it is there are a few like avast and avg that are 100 free. run a good scan with the updated anti virus. if clean then run ms config and turn off stuff that not needed like apple updater. the less stuff in start up the more ram you have for the game.
  6. So its starting to sound like software issues,a format is out of the question too much data I can't backup.I'll defragment and do some clean ups then try a game,if it doesn't work I'm gonna switch my VGA with my brother's and see if it will fix the issue,will update this thread with what happens.
  7. I have solved the issue with a benchmark using 3D Mark 11,I compared the scores with my brother's,my graphics score(graphics card exclusive tests) is higher than my brother but his physics score(CPU exclusive tests) is higher than mine,though same CPUs,must be related to his newer socket board of the LGA 775. Thanks for everybody's help.
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