What should i upgdrade?

So I built an computer about a year ago and thinking of upgrading it because i got the money to do so now. My processor is an Amd phenom II x4 955BE, I'm thinking of switching it to an Intel 2500k but not sure if it's worth it when I also have to buy a new motherboard.

My graphics card is an Radeon 6850 so it's not the best and I will probably upgrade it to a better one.. I also have a 600w PSU and 4gb of RAM. I mainly play games with high graphics like Battlefield 3 and stuff so i really want to see it maxed out. ;)
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  1. Aah did not notice that topic..

    Approximate Purchase Date: At the end of this month.

    Budget Range: (e.g.: 600-800) Wouldn't want it to go over 500 euro. preferably under 500.

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, Watching movies

    Parts Not Required: Keyboard, PSU, Speakers, Mouse, OS, I got a 600w PSU, can't remember the brand but it was cheap ;)

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts: www.systemastore.fi

    Country: Finland

    Parts Preferences: Probably an Intel CPU, and i just want a better GPU.

    Overclocking: Maybe

    SLI or Crossfire: Maybe, if possible

    Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

    Additional Comments: I just need a fairly powerful computer that can run most games on highest settings.
  2. Most likely graphic will give you the biggest improvement. x4 955BE is not bad. Best gaming balance seems to be 'good enough' CPU and 'tons of graphics'.

    This is a nice ref to see graphic options. To do noticeably better than the hd6850 you'd want to spend $250US+ http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/gaming-graphics-card-review,3107.html

    EDIT: second thought, these are too close to the 6850 --> "Maybe upgrade to a HD 7850 or GTX 560 Ti ? Either will fit well under a 500 euro budget. Or go bigger with video." Instead look at gtx570 or 7870 or xfire the 6850s. Or maybe the gtx670 @ $400US.

    4GB of memory is enough, but is so cheap that if you have the dimm slots go to 8.

    Does your mother board support adding a second HD6850? (If not sure post motherboard) If so that is also an option. Very poweerful, but note microstutter http://www.tomshardware.com/reviews/radeon-geforce-stutter-crossfire,2995.html Otherwise the 6850 is still quite valuable and can be sold to offset price of new card or given to happy friend/family.

    The 600w power supply is fine for all option including the 6850 crossfire option if it is a reasonable brand. Can you post the brand of PSU, not all are the same.
  3. Some great advice there, thank you!

    It seems that i didn't remember correctly, my PSU is actually a Chieftec 500w.. When i bought it I didn't have enough money so I just went for a cheap one.

    Sounds good that I don't have to upgrade my CPU because that would cost alot to do, so I'll probably just aim for 8gb (which is cheap) and buy a better grahpics card.

    My motherboard does indeed support 2 grahpics cards because it has ATI CrossfireX. (It's the MSI 870A-G54) http://www.msi.com/product/mb/870A-G54.html This motherboard in my opinion is very nice for it's price (I think i got it for under 90euros)
    EDIT: The radeon 6850 costs only 145euro which is well inside my budget so it would be great to but another one and use two grahpics cards. (Had not tought of that) so thank you for the idea!

    Now I just hope my 500w PSU is enough, or else i have to buy a better one..
  4. 500W is good enough, and reviews of your PSU don't seem that bad, e.g. http://www.xbitlabs.com/articles/cases/display/chieftec-psu-roundup_5.html
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