Need Final Advice On First Custom Built PC! €~1300

Hello! :hello: I need some help with my fist build. I am a bit worried about doing it so I came here for help. I hope you can help me, I've done some work myself (spent a few weeks) but I am not 100% confident if it will be fine. I hope you will be kind enough to help me out a bit.

I'll start off with some information, then I'll mention what I have and lastly
I will put up some questions that I am unsure about.

Approximate Purchase Date: In a week or 2.

Budget Range: upto about €1300

System Usage from Most to Least Important: playing games, and everyday things such as using the internet or writing something in wordpad + maybe programming in the future. :D

Parts Not Required:
Monitor, i have Dell Ultrasharp U2312HM 23 inch IPS LED Monitor

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Amazon.Co.Uk, Scan.Co.Uk - - - I live in Ireland, Co.Cork, but there are nearly no shops that sell computer parts so i need to order online, and the shops i know of are these 2, if you know any other shops i could look into, please let me know. :)

Parts Preferences: I've no really any preferences with the companies but I'd like an intel processor and a GeForce graphics card. The companies after that don't really make a difference to me aslong as they have good reputation.

Overclocking: Maybe in the future

SLI or Crossfire: Most likely no, but you can never be sure of that.

Monitor Resolution:
Dell Ultrasharp U2312HM 23 inch IPS LED Monitor 1920 x 1080

Additional Comments:
I would like a quiet enough computer (doesn't have to be silent)
I'd like everything staying at low temperatures
I'd like the computer to last a good few years
I don't live in a very hot country so the temperatures should stay low enough (if i am wrong on this then please correct me)

~~~~~~~~~~ Parts I have Picked myself~~~~~~~~~~

Motherboard: Asus P8Z77-V PRO

RAM: Corsair CML8GX3M2A1600C9B LP Vengeance Memory 8GB (4GB X 2) 1600MHz CL9 DDR3

HDD: Western Digital Caviar Black 1 TB 7200 RPM

Case: Antec Nine Hundred Two V3

Processor: Intel 3rd Generation Core i5-3570K CPU

Processor cooler: Coolermaster Hyper 212 EVO

Graphics Card: Asus 2GB GeForce GTX 670 DirectCU II

PSU: Corsair AX 650W Professional 80 Plus Gold Modular Power Supply

Keyboard: Razer Blackwidow

Mouse: Razer Deathadder Re-Spawn 3500DPI

Things I am unsure about:
Is the motherboard worth getting? Or are there better ones for similar price or lower?
Is the HDD worth getting, or should i get like 2TB for the same price but the 2TB will be those eco-friendly.
Will everything fit in the case?
Is the graphics card i put up good? or should i go with maybe EVGA or a different company?
Will the PSU be enough for the build? I probably won't be adding much in the future, maybe extra storage but that's about all.
Will the parts stay at a safe temperature?
Do You Have Any Other Suggestions?!?
Can you also suggest a cheap Optical drive, i will probably use it to install games and the OS and maybe burn a CD once in a while.
does it matter which thermal paste i get?

I hope you can help me with that much (and I didn't bore you with all the writing). I am looking forward to your reply and ideas!

Thanks In Advance! :)
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  1. Looks good. Only thing I would add is a SSD.
  2. tdoughtony said:
    Looks good. Only thing I would add is a SSD.

    Thanks for the Fast reply! I've looked at the SSD's and the price is huge. I don't think i can throw in one for another €100 or €150 for now, but maybe in the future.

    other than that, is everything else fine?

  3. Sorry! I counted it wrong! It will be about €1400 and not €1300 (but if you could arrange the things for it to be €1300(or even less) and working really good, I would be really thankful)!

    SORRY about that!
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