Half Height output dual video card for a dell Gx260

I am trying to hook up two monitors to a GX260 dell optiplex and will like to know what is the easiest way and cheapest alternative to slove this issue
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  1. After looking up your Dell I can not find anywhere that you have a PCIe x 16 slot. You might be able to use a AGP type card. But I don't know for sure. It does say you have a PCI slot 3 of them.

    But that is not a PCIe slot. So unless you have put in a new mother board (MOBO) then I really doubt you are going to get what you want. I have posted your PC so you can see all the info.

    I also linked you to the AGP GPU's. You have to make sure that you can even upgrade the GPU. I would recommend call dell and asking if you can and what type GPU you can use. Good luck to you.


  2. The slot for half-height AGP or DVI Adapter cards. that from the dell manual
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