Bad sectors...again!!

OK, here's the deal...
Last summer, I upgraded my computer, and among other things, I upgraded my 8GB Fujitsu drive to a 30.6GB Seagate BarracudaII drive. It worked great for about eight months, then it started developing bad sectors. At first, a few KB, but in a few weeks it was up to over 2MB. I backed up the data, and at that time I think the drive was starting to REALLY fall apart, since suddenly about 50% of all my files were unreadable. Luckily, all my important files were either still readable, or already backed up since before, and I only lost a few game savegames, nothing important at all. I RMA:ed the drive to Seagate. Since I needed a good drive for another computer, I ordered a 20GB Western Digital 7200 RPM drive, and used it in my current system as a temporary solution while waiting for the replacement Seagate drive. This Western Digital drive worked great, not a single flaw.
About 1.5 months later I finally got the new Seagate drive. I installed the OS (WinME, I planned to install Win2k later). After installing the OS, I ran Scandisk. WELL, the drive, which at that time had been installed for only a few hours had already developed bad sectors...yup...12KB was damaged on this "brand new" drive. Not much it may seem, but once a drive starts to develop bad clusters, it usually just continues to do it until it fails. Besides, this new drive is making a weird hissing/high pitched noise, it sounds like an old monitor or a TV.
WTF is up with this? Am I just unlucky? I mean two drives in a row, and one that was only a few hours old?! Does Seagate perform any quality control whatsoever? Seriously? Or is there a problem with my computer and Seagate drives (sounds unlikely)? Anyway, my system specs:
A7V mainboard, T-Bird 900 at 1 GHz (FSB is at the DEFAULT 100 MHz and has always been that, the CPU is overclocked with the MULTIPLIER), 256MB PC133, Radeon 64MB, 350W Enermax power supply etc. etc.
Unless this is a problem with my specific configuration (which I doubt), I would like to tell everyone to avoid Seagate drives like the plauge.
Sorry if I'm a bit harsh, but as you can probably understand, I'm not that happy with Seagate, since I will now have to buy another drive and basically just throw this Seagate drive (which cost me $200 last year) in the bin. I mean, sure I can RMA this drive too, maybe they would even accept that, but what's the point? The next drive they send me might as well fail at any bloody time and I have important data that I can't afford to loose.

I hate to sound like a flamer...sorry about that...but I haven't been this pissed in a long time! I hope you can understand that. I was sure the first Seagate drive was damaged during shipping or something, that's why I kept trusting Seagate, and overlooked it, but now, when this brand-new replacement drive (it has a different manufacturing date than the old drive, so they didn't just send back the old drive) fails within hours...well...I mean, I have a 700MB drive in a P133 that has been spinning for like 5 years now and it still has no bad sectors!

Basically I just want to know if there is anything I can do besides throwing the drive out the window.
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  1. I've never heard anything this bad about Seagate, so you might be unlucky. But it is a bit of a coincidence. What is VERY possible is they sent you the same drive back. Just threw new platters in and didn't actually fix the problem. I don't really want to give Seagate a bad name, but that sound like a possibility. Give them a call and say you want a refund, see what you can do.

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  2. This drive had a different date printed on it than the one I could still be the same drive though, because the date was printed on the sticker and it's easy to replace. I'll drop them en email and ask them what's going on (after I have calmed down :) ). Maybe they'll just say I damaged the drive myself when installing it or something, I don't know, but it's probably worth a try I guess.

    Is it possible that the famous "VIA Corruption bug" is playing a part here? Could it be that something is messed up, making scandisk report bad sectors even though they aren't there? Or is that too far-fetched?
    When the drive reads data from one of the bad sectors, it makes that typical noise, that all my drives that have deveoped bad sectors have made, a few short rattling sounds, followed by one longer, then a few short again, and a longer etc.
  3. I think it's just a coincidence. Although the probability of getting a bum drive is quite small, when it happents to you it's a big deal. You will not have a problem having it replaced.

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